About Company

About Company

A.B Events is a partnership firm duly registered under the laws of Pakistan having its registered office in Lahore with its regional offices in Islamabad, Karachi, and Dubai.

Core Expertise and Strategic Focus Areas

AB Events differentiates itself from competitors because each of our services is inextricably linked to the delivery of the client’s core business objectives. This ensures that our services engage with the client’s strategy and have a demonstrable, positive impact on the business – accelerating its growth and enhancing its market position.

Brand Architecture and Activation

The architecture and activation of a brand are critical to the ongoing marketing of the product as it determines not only the nature and content of all subsequent communications relating to the marketing thereof but it helps determine the brand strategic positioning.

As part of our service offering, we will formulate a strategy identifying the attributes to be associated with the brand and ultimately develop an integrated marketing & brand strategy. AB Events furthermore, facilitates the development of new or additional brands.

Events & Exhibitions

Our aim is to integrate your event and/or exhibition seamlessly into your existing marketing strategy by identifying the need and meeting the objectives of the function. AB Events is able to play an integral part in making the global village that much smaller by bridging the communication barrier through the management and facilitation of international and local events. Event Management is rapidly becoming a critical environment for nearly any endeavor where timely delivery of information, products and/or services is required. A complete service solution is available to clients ranging from corporate events to individuals.

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